Roblox: Crewmates! (Among Us) Codes (November 2023)

Have you ever heard of the sensational game Roblox Crewmates! (Among Us) code? If not, then you are missing out on one of the most popular multiplayer experiences in the Roblox universe. Developed by Lionly Studios, this game has managed to grab the attention of thousands of players around the globe, making it a force to be reckoned with.

With an impressively active player count of 13,819, Roblox Crewmates! (Among Us) code has swiftly become a favorite choice among gamers who are seeking an immersive and thrilling adventure. The fact that it has garnered a whopping 1,083,375 favorites speaks volumes about its compelling gameplay and addictive storyline.

Those lucky enough to experience this game have collectively logged an astounding 775.8M+ visits, testifying to its mass appeal. The standout feature of this game is its ability to bring people together. Its server size of 10 players ensures that each game is filled with anticipation, strategy, and unexpected twists as participants attempt to identify imposters in their midst.

Roblox Crewmates! (Among Us) code caters to players of all genres, allowing each individual to contribute uniquely to the gameplay. Whether you enjoy venturing on thrilling quests, forming detective teams, or engaging in intense strategy battles, this game has something to offer for everyone.

Its success can be attributed to the hard work and commitment of Lionly Studios. This talented development team has created a universe that remains consistently exciting and draws players back for more. With their ongoing efforts to introduce regular updates and new features, players can always look forward to staying engaged and enthralled.

So, if you haven’t already experienced Roblox Crewmates! (Among Us) code, there’s no time like the present to dive into this exhilarating adventure. Join the ranks of thousands of players worldwide and immerse yourself in the captivating gameplay that has captivated the gaming community. Remember, being a crewmate can be challenging, but detecting and exposing the imposters will give you an incredible sense of achievement. Don’t miss out on this phenomenon!

Active Crewmates! (Among Us) code – Update 30/11

Codes Rewards
HOT552B63CF Input this code to receive 500 power reward
FAT6A1489FB Input this code to receive 100 diamon reward
SVIPAC54858 Input this code to obtain 500 power a reward
SUB50CCDAF7 Use this code to get 200 coin a reward
FREE28C17E58 Use this code to get 100 gems your reward
DEV5F95E4D0 Use this code to receive 200 token your reward
SUB3C48E7A5 Redeem this code to get 500 gold your reward
FAT2EEE808F Input this code to obtain 500 diamon a reward
FAT7D570A5D Input this code to obtain 200 power your reward
NEW7D42B458 Use this code to obtain 300 gold reward

Crewmates! (Among Us) expired codes

Codes Rewards
TOY156E79FB Input this code to get 200 coin a reward
DEVBE5991C Input this code to receive 300 token reward
DEV7D1F6C6E Use this code to get 1000 diamon reward
SVIPA3B72F9 Use this code to receive 100 cash reward
FREE5FDC0B6E Use this code to receive 1000 coin your reward
SUP37EE5CE5 Input this code to obtain 300 coin reward
VIP4FA3AAB0 Input this code to receive 1000 token your reward
HOT4A3118E0 Use this code to obtain 300 cash reward
LIV4F52FBDF Input this code to get 100 token your reward
SVIP6D7A3A48 Redeem this code to obtain 100 power reward
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Crewmates! (Among Us) forever code

  • FAT41DE2E97
  • HOT46935417
  • SUB2C930B09
  • VICFCE1D63
  • SUB49AA4E9E
  • FREE38FFE849
  • TOY3EB6798B
  • TWEET56A833A2
  • SUB34557BDA
  • VIC1411DEA1

Crewmates! (Among Us) event code

  • VIC31AF0E50
  • SVIP393EAF6A
  • SVIP2608C359
  • LIVFA75B2A
  • FAT5AE7C722
  • SUP6820CDAB
  • FREE5D8E9244
  • VIP7F20AE17
  • HOT3AB16319

Redeeming Codes in Crewmates! (Among Us) Video Game

The game provides an captivating journey for gamers, offering an exciting and engaging gaming experience. In order to elevate your gameplay, owning gift codes can grant you the opportunity to access special features and resources. Now, let’s find out how to use gift codes for Crewmates! (Among Us) with this guide.

Begin by Navigating to the Official Site of Crewmates! (Among Us).
To start the procedure for using gift codes, you must head over to the official site of Crewmates! (Among Us). Make sure that you have a steady online access, and verify that your browser remains recent for the optimal performance.

Next, Go to the Redeem Code Section to continue the process.
Once you’ve entered the official Crewmates! (Among Us) website, hunt for and choose the “Gift Code Redemption” segment or a similar choice. Normally, you can locate this section usually at the website’s top or towards the bottom of the site.

Step 3: type in the latest code.
At this point, it’s time to enter the most recent gift code in your possession, whether it was obtained from events, gifts, or other sources. Be sure to input it correctly and take a second look the voucher to avoid mistakes.
After successfully inputting the gift code, the system will verify and grant you the appropriate gifts or in-game assets. Inspect your messages or navigate to the gift category to determine what you received.

About the title Crewmates! (Among Us).

Active 13,819
Favorites 1,083,375
Visits 775.8M+
Server Size 10
Genre All Genres

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Gameplay :

  • Crewmate: Find out who the Impostor is or complete your tasks before it’s too late!
  • Impostor: Kill the Crewmates, use Vents and Sabotage. Don’t let anyone know you’re the Impostor!

Controls :

  • G: Invite Friends
  • Tab / M: Open / Close Map ️
  • R: Report Body
  • Space: Use / Emergency ~ Vent / Sabotage (Impostor)
  • Q: Kill (Impostor)
  • A / D: Switch Vent (Impostor) ‍

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Update at 20:52 - 12/10/2023