Flags of All World Countries Codes (January 2024)

Welcome to our article on the game “Flags of All World Countries Code”! This highly-rated app has received a stellar 4.4-star rating from players around the world. It is suitable for all ages, with a 3+ age rating. The app was first released on August 31, 2014, and has been downloaded over 10 million times. It is developed by Andrey Solovyev, ensuring a quality gaming experience.

Active Flags of All World Countries code – Update 20/01

Codes Rewards
LIV63CC0475 Redeem this code to get 500 gold a reward
HOT5550F4E2 Use this code to receive 300 power a reward
NEW470F28BC Redeem this code to receive 1000 coin your reward
FAT62EDF516 Input this code to get 500 gold a reward
FREE760D25F3 Input this code to receive 1000 gold a reward
SUP3E964F19 Use this code to receive 1000 power your reward
SUB1CED19E0 Use this code to receive 200 cash your reward
FAT6DA90373 Input this code to receive 300 cash reward
HOT171671C1 Input this code to get 500 power a reward
SUB70BD148F Input this code to receive 1000 gold reward

Flags of All World Countries expired codes

Codes Rewards
HOT3E11D001 Use this code to receive 300 coin reward
HOT7079A879 Input this code to obtain 200 coin a reward
FAT6E83F7F5 Redeem this code to get 1000 cash a reward
NEW2C7D6F7 Use this code to receive 100 gold reward
VIC5E822048 Use this code to obtain 1000 cash your reward
HOT1C3FB147 Input this code to obtain 1000 gold reward
NEW201A8922 Use this code to obtain 500 gold your reward
LIV2746585A Redeem this code to receive 500 cash your reward
SUP5BE248A1 Use this code to get 500 cash a reward
SUB7E995C12 Use this code to receive 300 power a reward

Flags of All World Countries promo code

  • SUB2ED271EC
  • NEW7FA894B9
  • FREE22642F3D
  • NEW672204CE
  • NEW2E8D5DC2
  • LIV5D5EF313
  • DEV7F81337A
  • TOY4E0F1185
  • FREE4233EAE0
  • DEV8DEA347
  • SVIP29D119AE

Flags of All World Countries event code

  • FREE2B98C12
  • TOY48966DCC
  • FREE2F13EC60
  • TWEET18C04E
  • SVIP2F3CA27F
  • VIC68A3C224
  • SUP25F91E50
  • NEW5DBC3947
  • VIC62643DD9
  • DEV582E2E07
  • FATD657E31

Using Gift Codes for Flags of All World Countries Game

The game provides an exciting journey to participants, delivering an exciting and engaging gameplay. To improve your gaming experience, possessing gift codes may give you entry to unique features and resources. We’ll discover the process of claim in-game codes for Flags of All World Countries in this guide.

Step 1: Navigating to the Designated Webpage of Flags of All World Countries.
To initiate the steps to using gift codes, you need to visit the designated webpage of Flags of All World Countries. Make sure to you have a reliable web connection, and verify if your internet browser remains current for the best experience.

Second Step: Proceed to the Redeem Code Section to continue the process.
Upon arrival at the Flags of All World Countries official webpage, hunt for and select the “Gift Code Redemption” part or an equivalent option. Usually, you’ll discover this section either near the top or towards the bottom of the website.

Third Step: input the newest gift code.
At this point, you must input the latest voucher in your possession, whether it was obtained from events, gifts, or other sources. Be sure to input it accurately and double-check the voucher to avert inaccuracies.
After successfully inputting the gift code, the system will confirm and provide the appropriate gifts or items. Examine your inbox or visit the gift area to discover what you have received.

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Details regarding the game Flags of All World Countries.

Active 4.4star
Favorites Rated for 3+
Visits Aug 31, 2014
Server Size Rated for 3+
Genre Andrey Solovyev

Obtain the game Flags of All World Countries at this location.

How many flags can you guess? Do you know what the Mexican flag looks like? Do you remember the order of colors on the Irish flag? This education app will refresh your memory of national flags, and you’ll learn about the beautiful flags of such exotic countries as Maldives or Dominica.Why do I prefer this geography quiz to other games about flags? Because it has all flags of all 197 independent countries of the World and 48 dependent territories and constituent countries! It is extremely user-friendly. You will always get a hint about whether you’re right or wrong. Thus, you’ll never get stuck by a question for which you don’t know the answer.Now you can learn flags separately for each continent: from Europe and Asia to Africa and South America.The flags are divided into three levels:

  1. Well-known flags (Level 1) – Canada, France, Japan, and so on.
  2. Flags that are harder to identify (Level 2) – Cambodia, Haiti, Georgia, and other world countries.
  3. Dependent territories and constituent countries (Level 3) – Scotland, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, etc.

The fourth option is to play with “All 245 Flags”. Capitales quiz: for the given flag, guess the capital of the corresponding country: for example, if the flag of Egypt is shown, the correct answer is Cairo. Capitals are divided by continent.
Maps and Flags: pick the correct flag for the country highlighted on the world map.Start with two learning options:

  • Flashcards – browse all flags in the app without guessing; you can check what flags you don’t know well and want to repeat in the future.
  • Table of all countries, capitals, and flags.

Then you can test your knowledge by choosing the game mode you like. Our app features several game options to keep things interesting:

  • Spelling quizzes (the easy one with hints after each selected letter, and the hard one where you have to spell the whole word correctly).
  • Multiple-choice questions (with 4 or 6 answer options) – can you find the state flag of your country? But it’s important to remember that you have only 3 lives.
  • Drag and Drop: match 4 flags and 4 country names.
  • Time game (give as many correct answers as you can in 1 minute).

You should answer all questions in each level and give 25 correct answers in Time Game to get all stars and complete the game.We understand that geography is a global subject, and our app reflects that. It’s available in 32 languages, including English, German, and Spanish, so you can learn the names of countries and capital cities in any foreign language.Advertisements can be removed by an in-app purchase.This is an excellent game for all students of world geography. Or are you a sports fan who needs help recognizing the flags of national teams? Find the national flag of your state and learn other flags by heart! So why wait? Challenge yourself, learn something new, and have fun with our educational app.

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